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Zoe, Advertising

“I have found the sessions extremely useful to break down my thoughts and feelings into focus points which we were then able to look at in more detail, and especially establishing action points I could then take to make changes. Charlotte’s approach and manner is very calm, trustworthy and personable which instantly put me at ease and helped me to relax and open up more. I now feel I have a clearer path and direction which I am in control of, and that I have the capabilities to do so.”

Catriona, Research Leader

“Charlotte has helped me understand how I’ve changed since becoming a mum and what I want personally and professionally.”

Ellie, Publishing

“I found the coaching to be very helpful. It allowed me to really explore my feelings and desires around work and gave me the courage and confidence to approach my employer to request an extremely flexible return to work.”
Hannah, Assistant Headteacher

"Having had a somewhat unexpectedly problematic end to my maternity leave, the coaching was invaluable at supporting me through this time. I found that setting aside the time to talk through the issues and solutions was such a relief and a source of help. The coaching also enabled me to see where my strengths are and gave me purpose and clarity and also helped me see how I could use a string of relationships better to support me. I would recommend this coaching to anyone.”

Nicola, Teacher

“Charlotte supported me and helped me to focus on one area with real clarity. She worked with me to create a structured approach, which suited the way I work, having quickly developed an understanding of what would work for me. As a result of this support, I have taken various steps in my current employment, and will now be working in a new role which I will find far more fulfilling on a professional level. I am certain that the session gave me the headspace and the practical strategies to enable me to take this step forward.”

Liz, Publishing

“I’ve found it really useful to work with Charlotte as I transition back into work following my maternity leave. She helped me to clarify the big picture goals I wanted to aim for by posing the right questions and providing a safe but stimulating environment to enable me to think effectively. I feel much more motivated than I did at the outset, as well as more focused and more confident that I will succeed. I’ve really appreciated the integrity and commitment Charlotte brings to her coaching and it has been great to have her support during this important time.”

Helen, Teacher

“Charlotte came alongside me during a time of transition where I found her coaching skills of infinite value. I was able to work out priorities for moving forward and my future became renewed with possibility.”

Helen, Communications Manager

"Charlotte was a great coach. She helped me to set achievable goals and kept our sessions focused. We worked on short and long term plans, both tangible quick-wins and longer term aims about returning to work after my maternity leave. Charlotte was empathetic and kind, and the sessions made a real difference, both in terms of practical actions, and my confidence. Highly recommended."

Elaine, Assistant Headteacher

“Charlotte has helped me to narrow down priorities at a time of transition in my professional life. Focusing on these, her targeted questioning and attentive listening has helped me to identify goals and specific actions that I can take in working towards these. I am very grateful for the support her coaching has provided.”
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